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disturbingfilms's Journal

Disturbing Films
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Note: Before posting about a film, check the MEMORIES to see if it's been mentioned before!

Welcome to a community for the promotion and discussion of disturbing films! Do you like movies that keep you awake for days on end, making you unable to shake a feeling, unable to concentrate? Then this community is for you! And no, we will not be discussing films like "Friday the 13th" or even such classics as "Suspiria," seeing as those aren't disturbing. If you want to talk about those there are plenty of other horror movie communities!

And if anybody wonders... created by murdermystery
42nd street, 8mm, a clockwork orange, aftermath, alexandro jodorowsky, all night long, anti-requiem for a dream, audition, baise-moi, barrel entertainment, battle royale, begotten, beyond the darkness, bloodsucking freaks, blue velvet, boy meets girl, brothers quay, caligula, cannibal ferox, cannibal holocaust, category iii, charlie sheen being dumb, crash, cries and whispers, darren aronofsky sucks, david cronenberg, david lynch, day after, dead ringers, der todesking, devil's experiment, dismemberment, disturbing films, doom generation, east asia horror, el topo, entrails of a virgin, eraserhead, even dwarfs started small, evil dead trap, exploitation, faces of death, fando y lis, female trouble, funny games, gregg araki, grindhouse, guinea pig, guinea pig films, gummo, guts of a virgin, happiness, harmony korine, henry, holy mountain, horror movies, hour of the wolf, in a glass cage, jacob's ladder, joe d'amato, john waters, jorg buttgereit, ju-on, julien donkey-boy, karen black, kids, larry clark, lost highway, man bites dog, men behind the sun, michael haneke, mondo films, mulholland drive, nacho cerda, nekromantik, nihilism, nowhere, olaf ittenbach, pasolini, passion of darkly noon, peter greenaway, piano teacher, pink flamingos, psychosexual plots, reflecting skin, rosemary's baby, salo, santa sangre, schramm, se7en, seven, snuff, softcore porn, spider, takashi miike, tetsuo, the eye, the isle, the man behind winkey's, the wicker man, threads, tinto brass, un chien andalou, unearthed films, untold story, videodrome, violent shit, visitor q, werner herzog, wild at heart, zed and two naughts


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